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Nightingale at RMLL 2014 in Montpellier


The next RMLL (that’s Roncontre Mondiale des Logicial Libre or Libre Software Meeting in english) is coming up soon. It feels like Brussels was yesterday, however freaktechnik and GeekShadow will be at this year’s RMLL in Montpellier for Nightingale.

Compared to last year we won’t have a talk. We discussed possible topics and came to the conclusion that we don’t really have anything new to share worthy of a talk.

We will still have a booth for Nightingale, so if you’re from the area, please come and visit us! If you don’t have Nightingale stickers yet it’s the perfect opportunity to get some. We’ll also show off some things we are currently working on, if you’re interested. Or we can talk about music, listen to music and broaden each other’s musical horizon. If you always wanted to get into add-on development this is the perfect opportunity to get an introduction tailored to you. In other words we’ll sit down with any of you and talk about nearly whatever you want!

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Video of our Talk at RMLL 2013

Faster than expected: here is the video of our talk at RMLL 2013. As mentioned in the last post, GeekShadow and I talked a little shorter. We registered for 40 minutes but ended up with about 20 minutes. Enjoy!

RMLL 2013 Wrap-up


I’m sorry I am a little late with this blog post, but first I had to catch up a bit of sleep after the RMLL. Because we didn’t sleep too much. Today I worked the whole day hard on the new version of the website. I even livestreamed it. I will do more streams this week, look out for tweets from @GetNightingale (which will be a lot more active now, because I’ve got the password).

Over the weekend there was an event from the RMLL called “the grand public weekend”. It was a few tables arranged as a U around a big Tux-Ballon. The first thing we did, was putting a Nightingale Sticker on it.9278922554_4d87c17fc3_o_rc

Afterwards we were hanging out at the Mozilla booth and inspecting the other booths. We is me (freaktechnik) and GeekShadow.

During the week we were always at our own booth. We spoke to a lot of people and handed out a lot of stickers. If you still haven’t got a sticker, you can now download the template from our branding Github repo. I also crashed Nightingale at least once a day, but I guess that’s related to my OS and not Nightingale. Even tough I insisted on talking English (GeekShadow would talk French if people didn’t understand English), I still learned some French. the best part was visiting other booths and collecting stickers and other goodies. Or getting gifted a Framazic CD. Thanks to Framasoft!


We had our conference at the very end of RMLL 2013. The presentation was a bit longer than planned, so it was even later. There weren’t a lot of people to listen to us, but what do you expect? The number of people who said they want to try Nightingale was already unexpectedly huge. In the end we only used about half of the time we had to our disposal, but that didn’t matter. You might be able to watch the talk soon.

P.S.: here’s a picture of me, GeekShadow, some Mozillians and other guys.

Nightingale at RMLL 2013

rmllenIf you’re from Europe and are active in the Open Source scene, you might have heard of theĀ Rencontre Mondial du Logiciel Libre (RMLL) or Libre Software Meeting (LSM) in English. This year it will be in Brussels from the 6th to the 11th of July and it will be with Nightingale.

Me (freaktechnik) and GeekShadow will be around the whole meeting. Not only will Nightingale have its own booth, we will also have a talk! The talk will be on the 11th July at 17:20 o’clock in room K3.401. We will talk about various work flows we have for the development. We may be a quite small project, but it’s still a lot of work for just a few people. We will also talk about Nightingale in general; what it is and what we hope it will be. You can find all the details for the talk on the official talk page from the RMLL.

The booth will be right next to the one of Mozilla. We will have some demos. But for people who are already familiar with Nightingale there won’t be anything exciting… We won’t have a secret prototype you can only see at our booth. But there will be stickers!

If you attend this years LSM, don’t hesitate and talk to us!