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Nightingale at RMLL 2014 in Montpellier


The next RMLL (that’s Roncontre Mondiale des Logicial Libre or Libre Software Meeting in english) is coming up soon. It feels like Brussels was yesterday, however freaktechnik and GeekShadow will be at this year’s RMLL in Montpellier for Nightingale.

Compared to last year we won’t have a talk. We discussed possible topics and came to the conclusion that we don’t really have anything new to share worthy of a talk.

We will still have a booth for Nightingale, so if you’re from the area, please come and visit us! If you don’t have Nightingale stickers yet it’s the perfect opportunity to get some. We’ll also show off some things we are currently working on, if you’re interested. Or we can talk about music, listen to music and broaden each other’s musical horizon. If you always wanted to get into add-on development this is the perfect opportunity to get an introduction tailored to you. In other words we’ll sit down with any of you and talk about nearly whatever you want!

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