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Your Comments Wanted! – Considering Donation Options

So far, we’ve tried to avoid ever discussing the “d” word, donations! We’ve felt that as a good project, we wanted to try to avoid having to deal with money, but it’s getting to the point where it seems inevitable. The factors involved revolve around our need for hardware, costs associated with appearing at open source conferences, and most importantly, our lack of devs – we really need a bug bounty program to get some things fixed, or if we have enough, the money to hire outside developers to help us get Nightingale to be all it can be.

Some of the ideas on the table include accepting PayPal, bitcoins, litecoins and whatever other digital currencies, and perhaps setting up an indiegogo page – which of these do you like best? Do you have any other/better ideas? If you happen to have disposable income, and would like to pledge an amount to hire a developer or setup a bug bounty, we’re of course interested in hearing from you as well.

Please, tell us what you think here in the comments, in our IRC channel, #nightingale on mozdev, or on the forums.

3 Responses to “Your Comments Wanted! – Considering Donation Options”

  • I will support Nightingale. You don need to ask me! I will do.
    But I hope that a lot of others will also do this. Perhaps we need todo more marketing.?

    kind regards

    • Very kind of you to say so! Marketing is a big part of what we need to do – the thing is that we’re already stretched thin in terms of people, and so we almost need more volunteers to help us get the word out, once we create a way to accept donations…

  • I’ve been using NG for a while now, it’s my favourite player for linux hands down. I’d love to see it flourish and I guess it has indeed to go through monetization and eventual professional aid for development and marketing.
    I know that ads can be annoying but I think a discreet advertising on the site could also help and eventually the money from advertising can be used to finance an advertisment campaign for NG and help spread the word. I don’t know really what is your strategy for the future but this is one possibility.
    just my two cents…

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