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Merry Christmas from (and to) The Nightingale Team!

New (old) Hardware

I recently purchased an old 2006-era Mac Mini for our development, so that I could make sure and get a more proper Mac build out for our next release. I’m happy to say that after setting up the build environment (and reinstalling OSX once the machine arrived, as I trust no eBay seller to do that part for me), I have most of the Nightingale build dependencies built fresh.

2006 Era Mac MiniNew Mac Testing Build

I’m still fighting with XULRunner to get it to build under OS X. That said, I did compile the new TagLib, so I was able to cobble together a current trunk build for all 5 of our Mac users out there (j/k, we have at least 7 Mac users :P). You can download the testing build here. I’d love to hear of any issues you run into, as I’m using a different compiler – the vanilla gcc 4.7 – to build the dependencies and client this time around. It should provide for smaller, faster, more efficient code.

Gearing Up For A New Release: 1.12

In other news, the team and I are all working hard to get the polish all together for a 1.12 release here at the beginning of January. Short of fighting to get the FLAC albumart display working, we have a lot of great changes, as well as more stability across all our platforms. On Linux especially, we have more system integration, and only have to rely on XULRunner and SQLite as precompiled dependencies. The release after next should do away with those altogether.

New Year’s Parties – Use Nightingale, Tell Friends!

We hope you had a Merry Christmas, and happy holidays all around. Furthermore, we all wish you a very happy New Year! Make sure to use Nightingale to play the music at your New Year’s parties, and show it off to your friends! Our resolution is to make Nightingale the best desktop music player out there, and to have more people use it as well. We can’t do that without your help, so please, make sure to help us get the word out!


Feel free to talk about the player, discuss the Mac build, or even just let us know your New Year’s resolutions in the comments, jump into the forums, or chat with us in #nightingale on

11 Responses to “Merry Christmas from (and to) The Nightingale Team!”

  • Merry Christmas to you!
    What about some more statistics? How many Windows user are there out today?

    • Honestly, we aren’t entirely sure, as our stats platform isn’t up yet because we’ve been focusing on the desktop client so much lately. That said, we have a clue based on the Sourceforge download stats.

      As a whole, we have over 43,000 downloads of the last release. Of that, 29,950 were Linux users, 12,600 were Windows users, and 1775 or so were Mac users.

      That’s not counting those who chose to build from source, which is a large number. We can also assume that number is around 8,000 people, as they still have to grab the build deps from sourceforge. We’ll have a more accurate stats system up as soon as we can!

  • Another Mac user here!

    Or at least, trying to be. After the latest iTunes 11 upgrade I’m more willing than ever to switch to another less bloated app. But it should still have all the _good_ features of iTunes, namely smart playlists, fast search & rating for me – and I do need some way to sync my iPhone with the other app. Nightingale’s iTunes sync is basically what I need, but it’s damn slow currently (with over 25000 songs in the library, anyway).

    Currently Mac-Nightingale is too slow overall to beat iTunes, I’ve also encountered some freezes with Nightingale. Anyway, it still seems to be the most promising candidate. Keep it up! You have a potential to win over millio– hmm, thou–, I mean more than 10 Mac users who are fed up of the slowly but unstoppably degenerating iTunes user experience.

    Btw, does the iPhone sync always require iTunes running, or is it (at least theoretically) possible to make Nightingale initiate the sync?

    • As for the smart playlists, I think you should try the “Party Ruffle” addon, which does something similar to the smart playlists…there may be some others out there too.

      As for the syncing issue, I’m not entirely sure what’s causing the speed issue there – it’s more than likely just dealing with the xml format iTunes uses…we’ll have to look into it at some point and see what’s going on.

      We realize there are a lot of issues on Mac. The real problem is that none of us are really Mac devs – we’re all Linux guys, with a couple of Windows guys tossed in. We need help on the development side for Mac!

      Thanks for encouraging us! I’m still working with the mini, and ought to have a new testing build out soon based on the official xulrunner from Mozilla this time around as I can’t get it to build properly because the version we use is older (until the release after next). I really do hope we can hit 10 Mac users! Maybe one will be a dev! 😛

      On the sync, I don’t think we really support it now unless you can sync to your iPhone using regular file/folder structure and not that proprietary one used by iTunes. We have to roll some device handling stuff into the app to get it working otherwise (to my knowledge, anyway). It may be possible to set up a trigger or Applescript to do the sync via the background iTunes process, though.

  • I downloaded the OS X test build and the first thing I noticed is that none of my ported addons are compatible with this version. Do I have to change anything inside the install.rdf?

  • Unable to run nightingale (1.12 test build) on Mac 10.8.2. Does not play

  • No problems with 10.8.2 here, NG and all ported addons work just fine.

  • Still using Nightingale 1.11.0, Build 0 (20120412200044) myself and just wanted to say that even if there wasn’t another release in sight i’d still use NG. So much love to you all.


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