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Nightingale: Now Supporting System/Vanilla TagLib!

Thanks to some really hard work by our own rsjtdrjgfuzkfg, Nightingale now supports the current/vanilla version of TagLib! For all of our users, this means better ID3 tag support, and a lot fewer problems and bugs with tags and importing your music in general. For our Linux users, this means that Nightingale will automatically build against your distro’s TagLib package. If you maintain Nightingale packages, please update them to require TagLib>=1.8 before your next build of sb-trunk-oldxul.

We plan on releasing official builds (a new version) as soon as we get the build process working 100% on Windows and Mac with our new dependencies. Once the transition is complete, you can be sure the next version of Nightingale will be coming your way!

Other Upgrades and News

In other news, the only two dependencies left to convert to use those provided by the host distribution on Linux are SQLite and XULRunner. Both are in progress, and we welcome any help and support you can provide in speeding up the process. This work not only benefits Linux users, but will also provide Windows and Mac users with much more stable, efficient, and fast versions of the dependencies, all making for a better Nightingale.