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We’re Still Here!

Just a quick update, as we want to remind everyone we’re still here and developing! Things are a little slower than usual right now, because life gets in the way from time to time. More importantly, we’re waiting on pushing any major changes to the code-base until we have several new add-ons for you to use for version 1.11.1.

Get ready for some great add-ons!

Our CoMETE students are working on their add-ons, we have others (such as TagNinja) in development, and podcast support will also be coming your way soon. We are making sure to not change anything significantly until those are ready for a release, so that they’ll for sure work with 1.11.1. You can expect further improvements after 1.11.1, at which point we can go back to full production mode.

Also, the modeling process for our add-on platform featherweight is nearly finished. There are still lots to do, but expect to see some progress soon.

Join the Community

Finally, it would be great to have you aboard, especially if you’re a developer. There are some major projects we work on, and there is a even bigger list of things to come. As you can see from the list, you can support us not only with coding, but also with other tasks – for example reproducing bugs or at the documentation.

Thanks for following our development!
-The Nightingale Community

2 Responses to “We’re Still Here!”

  • I installed Nightingale on Windows 7. After installation, I tried to run Nightingale – it crashed (twice). Then I thought I would try to run it as an administrator. It started up fine.

    I immediately uninstalled Nightingale.

    For many years (preceding the days of unix, a predecessor of linux) it was known that programs for non-admin use – programs like Nightingale – should not be run with admin privileges.

    This defect needs to be corrected: the computer I administer has many users, but only I have admin permission, and the admin account will not run Nightingale. Nightingale was perceived as a great open source solution for my users. When Nightingale can be run without requiring admin permissions, it will be considered again.

    • @DC: Nightingale does not require admin privileges except for installing (and we plan to change that for users wanting to install not for all users, but that’s another story).

      It seems you run into a bug. Maybe you want to head to the forums’ helpdesk with that?

      Some points I can think of:
      – Your profile has been created with admin privileges, and so you need admins to edit it (which happens on every start to lock it as multiple instances can’t access the same profile).
      – The installer had issues and did not set correct read permissions. Is the installation folder and all files within readable for regular users?

      If you’re experienced with tools as ProcessMonitor: Can you give us a list of failing calls that might cause this issue?

      Again: I assume we can help you better in the forums. Thanks.

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