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More Add-ons are coming !

Since we launched Nightingale, we have had many downloads, thank you all!

We are currently working on making more add-ons compatible with Nightingale, and the list is constantly growing – keep checking here to download the add-ons.

There is documentation on the wiki on How to port Songbird add-ons, and also a page to request add-ons be ported.

Do you want to see some kind of new feature? It could be done as an add-on, most likely – feel free to put in a request here.

Currently, we have great people working to expand the list of add-ons : freaktechnik, rsjtdrjgfuzkfg, lukas_skywalker, timmythepirate, ezekiel000, fcastillo, abu and geekshadow – thanks to them for their hard work!

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