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More Add-ons are coming !

Since we launched Nightingale, we have had many downloads, thank you all!

We are currently working on making more add-ons compatible with Nightingale, and the list is constantly growing – keep checking here to download the add-ons.

There is documentation on the wiki on How to port Songbird add-ons, and also a page to request add-ons be ported.

Do you want to see some kind of new feature? It could be done as an add-on, most likely – feel free to put in a request here.

Currently, we have great people working to expand the list of add-ons : freaktechnik, rsjtdrjgfuzkfg, lukas_skywalker, timmythepirate, ezekiel000, fcastillo, abu and geekshadow – thanks to them for their hard work!

Nightingale 1.8 Preview Release

We’re happy today to announce the release of Nightingale 1.8.1 for both Linux and Windows! Download it from the front page and enjoy the first Nightingale ever!

Nightingale is a media player, which doesn’t just organize and play your media library – it also integrates the web into your media experience. It is customizable to fit to your personal needs and style – you can, for example, get an add-on for integration. Everyone can participate and create his own add-ons and feathers (the Nightingale term for skins), as Nightingale is based on the Mozilla XULRunner, also used in Firefox.

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Nightingale is a fork of the media player Songbird, which dropped official Linux support and ended most of their involvement with the community.  As a result, Nightingale is here to first provide a solid, Mozilla based media player for Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X users, all under Open Source licenses – the GPL, LGPL, MPL, and BSD licenses, to be exact.

We released 1.8.1 to show you the progress we’re making in creating a new bird for playing the web, and to invite you to get involved in Nightingale’s development. We rely on your ideas, bug reports and other feedback, so please test the release and let us know what you think! Head to the forums or join us on IRC, in #nightingale to get in touch with us.  We welcome all users, developers, translators, designers, documentation writers, and anyone who is willing to help the project’s success! We’d love to have you as an active part of the Nightingale Community!

In an effort to emphasize the point, we must say again that 1.8.1 is a preview release. We’re working on a XULRunner/Gecko 6 based Nightingale, slated for release within the next year (which will based on the current Songbird trunk, unlike this release). Expect better speed, stability, and security, as well as plenty of new features and improvements for the 1.11 release – it will be the first ‘bird based player to use a modern version of Gecko, and for  Linux users, the first to use only system libraries.

With Nightingale 1.8.1 we also had a relaunch of the Nightingale Website, with this new blog, upgraded forums and a wiki. Services for translation, bug tracking and add-ons are planned. For now, some add-ons are hosted on a wiki page – ports of GeekShadow’s and my own Songbird add-ons will be uploaded there soon too. If you create or port any add-ons, you can upload them there, too! If you develop(ed) add-ons or feathers for Songbird, we’d love to have you jump aboard our train, and bring your creations to Nightingale as well!

Thanks for your interest in Nightingale!