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New Developers! Preview Builds Coming Soon!

Hello, everyone. I’m ilikenwf, also known as Matt Parnell. Since stevo’s had to step away from the project, I have come along, and after being frustrated with Songbird’s lack of official Linux support, have joined the Nightingale project.

With help from the very skilled Mook, as well as GeekShadow, Timmythepirate, and Manko10, we’re bringing Nightingale back!

The project is now hosted on github at but you should make note that only the nightingale-1.8 branch is ready for use! The master branch currently doesn’t build, as Mook and I port it to use Gecko 6+.

If you’re interested in trying Nightingale for yourself, complete with the new featherwork by GeekShadow and Manko10, with integration done by Timmythepirate, please see the following forum post:

Otherwise, hold up and wait, as we should have some 1.8 branch builds coming along soon for all platforms.

If you’re skilled with C++, Mozilla SDK work, skinning, extensions, or porting extensions from Songbird, please, join in on the forums and/or join #nightingale on! We’d love to have you aboard!