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Slight interruption in my programming…

Hello all,

I am sorry but I have not been around for a few weeks unexpectedly. An important family member passed away recently and I had to do a lot of traveling. I am back now and finally settled back into life so I can get back into the groove. What I need to do

  1. Get Nightingale 1.8 to build properly, this is mostly done with some minor issues on some OS’s.
  2. Get a feather built, we need someone to create a feather and get it inserted as the default.
  3. Release something!

The feather is a very important part of this so we can release something, once that is done we can progress to getting Nightingale up to date with Songbird fixes. After that we can start working on some changes, adoptions, etc to make Nightingale even better.

Thanks for all your patience once again and for not loosing faith in what this project could become!