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Holy crap, more progress!?!

Yup, that’s right we have been making even more progress on this app, I am now able to build with only requiring a few dependencies (mozilla/xulrunner, taglib, and sqllite) on both i686 and x86_64 systems.
I have been working on the licenses, text and images as fast as I can, removing things that are not required for us and switching over to our own feather. The only thing left we have to do before we can release an alpha is to finish the feather (which it sounds like Manko10 may be working on), I have done a little and if anyone can jump in that would be great.

Once we get an alpha ready to build and download we are going to switch focus to the web site and tools we need to support the users and application, as well as ways of getting feedback and such from users. My thoughts on this are possibly:

  1. Bugzilla @
  2. Wiki @
  3. Forums @
  5. IRC
  6. Addons @

Let’s get this bird off the ground!


Progress, Progress, Progress…well sort of.

Hello all,

First off I would like to send out a huge thanks to all of you who are sticking through this rocky start for the project and contributing even though things are not all that clear :).

Second lets try and clear some things up.

  • We have a logo now and I am working on integrating it with the project.
  • There has been very little progress on a feather, I will create a thread that we can use to start planning something and get organised on it.
  • The code is now able to be built on both 32 and 64 bit systems (I use Ubuntu 10.10 for this). I have stripped out the GStreamer binaries so that we build with the system libraries, flac, ogg, theora etc have also been removed and we are now down to taglib, sqlite, mozilla and xulrunner.
  • Some changes have been made to the application for texting so that we don”t use Songbird anymore.
  • Other changes to the application relate to removing the first run wizard.
  • Here are the tools we are using:
      1. Self hosted blog [Habari]
      2. Self hosted Forums [MyBB]
      3. Svn hosted on sourceforge (we will probably eventually change to git but until we release we will stay with svn)
      4. Self hosted bugzilla at
      5. Wiki hosted on sourceforge (we will move this to self hosted soon).

Our next steps are only the following:

    1. Ensure all licenses and text are changed as required (remove Songbird)
    2. Create a new default feather and remove PurpleRain.
    3. Update all logos with new Nightingale Logo (Copper style).
    4. Release!

Also a big thank you to all of you who have donated to this project we have made $50USD in donations and that goes towards the $110USD to host our project.

Thank you,