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Hello all,

I am very sorry for the big delay in communication, I have been very busy over the holidays with my life and was not able to spend the time I wished on this project.

I am back to having time so I will start communicating better and get things rolling as quickly as I can.

For now here is where we are at:

  1. Logo as you may know we have selected a logo for Nightingale. Thanks Downward!
    a. I will need to get the finished logo from Downward and start integrating it into the code, I will post a blog entry when I do get it.
  2. The code is slowly getting imported into our repository, we are using Songbird version 1.8 with only a couple minor changes. a, b, and c are requirements due to licenses.
    a. All instances of the word Songbird will be changed to Nightingale, except where required by licenses.
    b. All Songbird logos and images will be replaced with Nightingale logos and images.
    c. A simple default feather will be implemented and the Songbird PurpleRain will be removed.
    d. The build will not use built in gstreamer, it will instead be built with the system gstreamer.
  3. We have set up most of the web site.
    a. SVN is hosted on sourceforge at []
    b. Bug Tracking will be on sourceforge at []
    c. Wiki will be on sourceforge at []
    d. Forums will be self hosted at [] (or .com or .net)
    e. Blog will be self hosted at [] (or .com or .net)

I will start communicating better by posting regular blog posts on progress and updating the wiki with information on how to build nightingale.

Thanks again for sticking with us and hopefully we will be posting our first build soon!