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What the hell is happening?

Ok so yes communication has been pretty slack lately and I apologize for that. I have had a few changes in my life recently and just been working some things out. For the record I am still active on this project and will not let it die, again :). I thank everyone for sticking through this and keeping it going even without constant feedback from myself.

Currently I am putting (organizing) the code so that people will be able to contribute to it, and of course check out and build. This has been taking a long time but you can seen the progress at

The next important things that need to be done are to do with re-branding Songbird into Nightingale, we really need to get a Logo and some simple graphics going. Another important thing is the Feather, we need a basic clean default feather for Nightingale (I would like to tackle this after the logo as the logo will define some colours).

We can not release anything until we re-brand Songbird including all text, urls, graphics and feathers.

I am going to go through all the round 2 logo submissions and pick the most popular, I will then request that the owner modify it to their liking taking into account the comments from rounds 1 and 2. I would then ask that they send an original SVG to myself with the express written consent to use this logo for the Nightingale project.

I will be setting up (cleaning up) the bugzilla bugs and creating the tasks/bugs we need to get this first part of the project completed, anyone who wants to tackle them is welcome and can submit patches for review (unfortunately only by myself at this time).

I will update the Wiki with how to checkout the code, build and contribute as soon as I have finished uploading to the repository.

Thank you all again and I hope we can keep this together and get it off the ground.